I have news! 

It is outstanding how quickly news travels! Luckily this time it’s good news, and the only reason I haven’t yelled it from rooftops is because I am in denial. I can count on two hands the exact amount of people that I have told. Yet at least quadruple that amount of people know. So it must be time that I make a public announcement as to what it is I have been keeping secret for the last fortnight.


Whaaaaat? Well this may seem like such a small deal to some, this is a huge deal for me.

While I am so excited to start a new potential career path, I am so scared about leaving my safe place. I am struggling with understanding if my fear of changing jobs is amplified by my anxiety or whether this is just one of my personality traits.

The last 6 years at Unichem would not have even been possible without the incredible staff. They took me in as a 16 year old girl, and have helped me grow into who I am today. Together we laughed, cried, and laughted till we cried. They have supported me through some of the hardest times of my life, as well as celebrating turning 18, turning 21, finishing high school, trying and failing university, moving out of home.

The staff at Eastgate became a second family to me. I will never forget everything they did for me and all the beautiful friends I made along the way.

Today is my last day working at Unichem Eastgate. I can no longer hide behind denial. Six years and one month with the company and it’s finally time to say goodbye.  It hasn’t sunk in yet that on Tuesday I will be driving to the opposite side of town, pulling on a new uniform and being taught the ropes of tourism.

To say I will miss Unichem Eastgate is an understatement. My job became a huge part of my identity. Hopefully the Shawny without Eastgate turns out alright to.

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