Blonde? Blue? Brown?

For as long as I remember I have been blonde, or been wishing I was blonde.

Having my Mum as a hairdresser for the first thirteen years of my life certainly came in handy. If I wanted more blonde foils put through my hair all I had to do was smile nicely in her direction.

This was all going great until I hit high school and decided dark brown hair would be the way to go! If I could turn back time I would tell myself NO over and over again. The next six years were filled with every shade of orange hair imaginable! All I wanted was to be blonde again!

Eventually I got referred to a wonderful travelling hairdresser! During my teenage years I had quite a lot of anxiety surrounding hair salons. My first 13 years were spent in salons that Mum had worked in, surrounded by stylists that I had known forever. Walking into the unknown petrified me! Which made the fact that this new hairdresser was coming to my house even better! Win win.

I was FINALLY blonde again! She had done an amazing job and my hair wasn’t destroyed from all the bleach.

BeFunky Collage

I stayed bleach blonde for roughly four years until 6 weeks ago I went and made a terrible decision.

There was a new product at work. YAY! Wash out pastel hair colours. The rep even gave us a free bottle to try. That night I raced home and put the pastel blue cream on the ends of my hair and hoped for the best. It was very subtle, to the point most people didn’t even notice. So I went bigger. I brought another bottle and got my friend to come over and put it through all of my hair.

BeFunky Collage dfregtvr.jpg

It looked awesome, she had done an amazing job of coating the hair evenly.

I loved the blue hair, for one day. Day two the regret sank in when I realized I wasn’t blonde anymore. Blonde hair had become a huge part of my identity. I had become known for my blonde hair and in a spur of the moment decision I had thrown it away again.

The washout hair colour had promised to last 10-15 washes, slightly longer on porous hair. However it didn’t seem to fade much at all the first 10 times I had washed it. So I brought in the big guns. Dish washing liquid. For those who have never heard of fading hair colour with dish washing liquid must have been lucky enough to never have had a bad brown hair dye experience. To an extent the liquid helped fade it slightly, I had however scrubbed my hair with it five times in one shower.

Next step, the product L’Oreal released alongside these hair colours, Colour Eraser. It certainly did not erase the colour even after using the whole bottle in various washes. I tend to be someone who washes my hair twice a week at most, to now be washing it at least 5-6 times a day was madness. This product wasn’t giving me the instant results I needed! I needed the blue gone, it had been 6 weeks!

In comes Selsun Blue, the anti-dandruff shampoo, well known for stripping colour from hair. It did take the colour down to a much lighter shade of blue but it didn’t take out near enough to be classified as blonde again.

I had already made the decision that if I wasn’t back to a colour I was happy with before Sunday morning I would try my luck at a walk in salon.

The stylist I struck was incredible, I told her that ideally I’d love to be blonde again but I understand if I need to go darker to cover what was left of the blue. She bleach bathed my hair and remained optimistic that if enough colour came out I could go blonde. Unfortunately after sitting in the bleach anxiously waiting for what seemed like an eternity, my hair was now mint green.

Enter BRUNETTE Shawny.


I did end up needing to go quite a bit darker so that the green hues could be filled with a red base. As the last thing I needed was dark green hair. While I am guttered that I am no longer blonde for the time being I am happy with how the brown turned out.

It seems so silly holding an emotional connection to hair colour and I know in time it will feel natural. At least the colour makes my blue eyes pop and it will give my hair a good break from the bleach, giving it the best chance for growth.


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